7 Bad Habits that Damage your Hair

7 Bad Habits that Damage your Hair

Bad Habits that Damage your Hair

What’s up, you guys? It’s Nilay Basak, welcome to our website ReportsHub.in. Today we’re going to be talking about the seven daily habits, seven things guys do constantly that are completely damaging your hair. Read this article about 7 Bad Habits that Damage your Hair till the end. I am sure you will get your answers. So, let’s start the blog.

7 Bad Habits that Damage your Hair

1. Rinse and Repeat

Number one, you’ve probably heard this before. Rinse and repeat. This is a common myth where a lot of people tell you that you’re going to have to shampoo your hair, rinse, and then shampoo your hair again.

A lot of men adopt this habit and do this every single time they shampoo or they’re cleaning their hair. What happens is that you’re overly drying your hair. You’re stripping it from all the nutrients to the point that you’re causing breakage and damage to your hair in the long term.

So the smart way to do it is, first of all, to make sure you’re using a shampoo like this one from Hudson and Maine that doesn’t have sulfates or parabens that are going to be damaging to your hair. That way, if you do overuse it, it’s not gonna be detrimental.

2. Barbershop

7 Bad Habits that Damage your Hair

Number two, skipping on cut. Now, as you know, going to the barber shop regularly should be a must for most dudes. This is going to make you look more attractive, but also just going to boost you with all the confidence that you’ll need. A haircut will completely change how you look and also how you feel. So you should definitely not skip on cuts for that reason.

When you don’t frequently visit the barber shop to make sure they’re clipping, the ends off. Those ends are usually what’s dead or what has the most breakage or damage. And those split ends start traveling through the whole strand of hair till it reaches the root of your hair, completely damaging that strand of hair.

3. Hair Products

Number three, I can’t believe I’m still saying this, but using hair gels, I’m still surprised guys even use this stuff. And by how many guys are using this stuff? This stuff causes greasiness, it causes flakes, and it has certain harmful chemicals that are damaging to your scalp and can cause scalp irritation and also dandruff flareup.

Stop using hair gels, boys. This is so 2000, and you should start using something better, like styling clay. So if you haven’t made the switch from those classic traditional hair gels to something more modern that’s definitely healthier for your hair, like styling clay, a paste, or a pomade, then it is very sad.

4. Wearing Hat

Number four, wearing hats constantly. Now hats, do look good, but when you constantly wear them, you’re going to start damaging your hair and causing breakage. This also can damage your front hairline if that hat is too tight on you or if you wear beanies a lot. And not to mention you’re not allowing your hair or your scalp to breathe, which is what it needs so it can grow.

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5. Wet Hair

Number five is detangling wet hair. Keep in mind, when your hair is wet, it is even more vulnerable than it’s in its normal state for breakage and that damage. So you want to take care of it and be a little bit more gentle when your hair is wet.

So a way to do this is A, you use a comb that has white teeth or a lot of spacing in between. Or B, you can use a hairbrush that’s made for wet hair, like a wet hairbrush. These bristles are a lot gentler and more evenly spaced, so it can allow you to smoothly detangle your hair without a lot of friction.

6. Using a Dryer

7 Bad Habits that Damage your Hair

Number six blow drying your hair too close to the hair follicle. What you’re going to notice when you do this is that some smoke or sizzling starts occurring. Now, it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out what’s going on here, but you’re pretty much burning your hair. If you’re blow drying your hair, what you should be doing is leave the blow dryer anywhere from three to six inches away from the hair strand.

Even if it’s a high heat, this is a safe range to make sure that you’re not actually burning your hair.

7. Hot Water

And finally, number seven, showering with hot water. This is a habit that most of us do because we already are taking that hot shower. Therefore, you end up washing your hair with that steaming hot water and ultimately dry out your hair and causing it to break. What you want to do for the long-term health of your hair.

When you are washing your hair, you don’t have to go cold or something super aggressive. As long as the water is lukewarm to the point that it’s not boiling, it’s safe enough to make sure your hair is always healthy.


And that’s basically it for today’s blog, guys. Those are seven things that most dudes are doing on the Daily that are completely destroying their hair. If you guys liked this blog about 7 Bad Habits that Damage your Hair and found it informative, don’t forget to drop us a comment down below. That’s it for me today. See you next time.

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