What is the Best Haircare Routine for Hair Growth?

What is the best haircare routine for hair growth?

What is the Best Haircare Routine for Hair Growth?

Hey, guys, welcome back and welcome to my website ReportsHub.in. It’s Kajal. And in this blog, I’m going to tell you all about my hair, what’s my haircare routine, the things that I do to keep it healthy and not get split up, and how long I’ve been growing it. I just want to make a disclaimer here that I am not a haircare professional. Everything I’m telling you is from my own experience and experiments and just like, what I’ve learned over the years. So, without any further delay, let’s start our blog on Best Haircare Routine for Hair Growth.

Introduction of the Best Haircare Routine for Hair Growth

The first thing I want to say is hair, skin, and nails, everyone’s different and it’s all based on genetics. So, obviously, I can’t give you, like, a miracle pill to get hair exactly like mine. Your hair is not going to grow this long overnight, but I can give you guys tips on how to keep it healthy. And so that is what this blog is going to be based on.

What is the best haircare routine for hair growth?

So I’ve been growing out my hair for the last seven to eight years. I’ve been growing it up since the fifth grade because I had a really bad bob. So I just vowed to never cut it and just do, like, cuts and trims at my house. I never really styled it or got it layered or died. I’ve been doing six to eight-inch cuts just to get rid of any dead or split ends that I might get, which is totally normal, by the way.

No one that has, like, absolutely perfect hair, like, they’re obviously going to get some damage. That’s why it’s important to cut it and to get trimmed. So I do trims throughout the years, but I do a big cut-off, like, six to eight inches and I actually did one two months ago, which was basically in March. So I actually wash my hair once a week because that’s when I notice it actually getting oily. I feel like my hair doesn’t get that oily that quickly, especially if you don’t, like, cut your hair that often because then you’re just, like, stimulating oil.

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So I will say my bangs probably get the oiliest because I’m always pushing them out of my face. Now, how do I actually wash my hair? So, these are the products that I use. They’re by OGX and it’s the Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo and the Nourishing coconut milk conditioner. So these are two different OGX lines and obviously, it’s best to get the matching shampoo and conditioner of either or, but I just find that this combination works best for me, so this is what I use. I give you the links to these products. You can easily buy the products from this link.

So both Argan oil and coconut oil are really good for your hair, in my opinion. I’ve done my own research about it. You guys should always go out and do your own. I’ll leave some links in the description box of research articles that I follow the findings of. So that is why I believe Argan oil and coconut oil are good for your hair. That’s why I use both the shampoo and this conditioner together.

The Right way to Wash your Hair

What is the best hair care routine for hair growth ?

But now I’m going to tell you guys how I wash my hair. So I always brush my hair before getting into the shower just to get rid of any tangles. And so it’s a lot easier to deal with while it’s wet. I usually wash my hair with Luca water because I find extremely hot water makes it frizzy, and then extremely cold water doesn’t really do anything for me.

So just wash it in regular-temperature water, whatever you’re comfortable with. And then the amount of shampoo that I use is about three lines worse. So put shampoo along the three lines of your finger. This amount of shampoo you have to use when you wash your hair.

I like to scrub my hair vertically or horizontally. You don’t want to wash in circles, and I know you probably see that a lot in movies or other videos, but you really don’t want to like a scrub in circles, especially if you’re using your hands because that is what is going to create tangles and breakage.

The Right way to Apply Conditioner

So I do two lines for my scalp and two lines for the ends of my hair. I like to leave my conditioner in for six to eight minutes just to really ensure that I’ve added moisture back to my hair after shampooing. And I really like this conditioner because it contains coconut oil, which not only adds moisture as I said but also gives my hair a really healthy shine afterward.

What is the best hair care routine for hair growth ?

I don’t really focus on the middle of my hair because when you rinse any product from your scalp, it will travel down the rest of your hair. So that is why you don’t actually need to use a lot of hair products. So it saves you time and it saves you money. And your hair is most prone to breakage while it is wet. So I use a 100% cotton shirt just to draw the moisture out of my hair.

And that’s just what I’m doing here. I’m just being really gentle with it because I don’t want to cause any breakage or split ends. And I never dry my hair with a towel because the material is just really abrasive and bad for your hair.

And when your hair is tangled after a shower, which is inevitable, I use a wet brush because the bristles are a lot more flexible and soft. So that is mainly how I try to prevent breakage while my hair is wet and after in the shower.

So I usually blow drying my hair about 60% of the way. I don’t use any other heat on it, otherwise I rarely, rarely curl it. And I don’t straighten it either. I usually just try to blow dry my scalp so it’ll appear more voluminous, and then I usually just leave the rest of it to dry naturally. So I use two different hair oils just based on the season.

After Shower Hair Care Routine

Just like your skin, your hair is going to have different requirements in the summer versus the winter. So in the winter, I like to use extra-strength Coconut Miracle Oil.

So when I’ve gotten out of the shower and my hair has dried a little bit, I use about a quarter size of this oil. I will warm it up between my fingers, and I will just comb it through the bottommost half of my hair. And then I usually just let my hair air dry the rest of the way. I’m using the Argan oil of Morocco because it is spring and summer. Now, this comes in a spray bottle, so I use about three to five sprays.

What is the best hair care routine for hair growth ?

And again, I just do this post-shower on damp hair. And to passively take care of your hair, I would suggest using silk products. So this is a silk scrunchie that I try to use over traditional hair ties just because it’s softer and more gentle for your hair. And I also like to use a silk pillowcase. You guys have probably seen this every single time I make my bed.

I just got a few off of Amazon, and I just changed them several times throughout the week. And the reason why silk is better than cotton for your hair is that it doesn’t drop moisture out of your hair. So it’ll keep your hair hydrated and looking softer. And I find that it helps a lot with frizz. So, guys, that’s the end of the blog.


That is my experience with my hair or my hair growth journey. If you follow the above steps you will get definitely the result. Thank you so much for reading this article. If you made it thus far, I hope it was educational and answered some of the questions that you guys are always asking me. So if you guys enjoyed this blog, make sure to share this with your friends, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye.

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